RFI offers a holistic approach to security. Our end-to-end solutions allow all security services to be aligned. The meticulous preparation, detailed execution and long-term approach make RFI’s benefits unmatched. We view each client as a continued partnership. Even after implementation of solutions, we continue to assess, monitor, and improve coverage wherever possible.



RFI clients receive the support of a global network of discreet, trustworthy and experienced professionals. Our talented team consists of corporate risk specialists, security specialists, software developers of state-of-the-art platforms, international investigators, forensic financial analysts, and due diligence experts. RFI’s core team has worked extensively across the globe, from the bustling cities of the USA, Europe, and Asia to the high-risk areas of Central and South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia. Experience is our reference.



RFI’s proprietary information management system allows a wide variety of security coverage opportunities, with various modules that provide extensive services: predictive risk monitoring, geographical and social media monitoring, eDiscovery and fraud detection, secure data storage and indexing, fraud and staff or vendor vetting. With AI-driven digital solutions, this information management platform is highly customizable to each client’s needs. Clients have access to a personal dashboard for ongoing updates, reports and continuous monitoring. This constant attention to any new negative activity can allow the security team and Family Office management to proactively mitigate a credible threat.



Information and intelligence form the nucleus of our Protective Services posture, ensuring that threats are known, and adequate solutions are implemented. Awareness and preparedness are the drivers, backed by the ability to respond to emergencies and incidents whilst maintaining our client’s integrity.



Intelligence is power. Information can be gathered but knowing what to do with it is the key. The backbone to RFI’s service delivery is our information management platform. This provides us with the ability to merge and validate physical assessment data “from the ground” with digital accuracy and reach. The multi-layered system evolves with you and the world around you, enabling us to monitor and manage the dynamic environments you live in.



RFI’s success is a result of our ability to seamlessly integrate risk and security solutions into your daily life with minimal intrusion. Our goal is to help clients achieve their protection goals in both personal and commercial environments. RFI’s experience and vast resources ensure that the process of employing risk management solutions occurs smoothly, aligning internal and external factors under the one umbrella.



With risks identified and a plan developed and implemented, RFI ensures your long-term success by providing unrivalled 24/7 coverage as well as concierge and logistics support. Services such as conducting reconnaissance of hotels, venues and curating pre-travel risk reports will identify any security recommendations such as areas to avoid, police capability, hospital locations, historic red flags and the emergency routes in and out of any geographical location. Additionally, our concierge service will make certain that small ‘unseen’ details are taken care of to provide you peace of mind while at home or on the go. RFI will become more than just a security provider, but rather an integral part of the family staff.